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29 May 2009 @ 06:39
The pictures say it all!

Here's the close up.

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24 May 2009 @ 09:04
Here's my latest extravagance.

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24 May 2009 @ 08:36
This is part of my letter to a friend telling her of my trip to the Philippines on 02 April and back to England on 14 April. I know it's late, but 'better late than never'.

"My trip to PI was a disaster. I lost my luggage going there, just came the night of the following day. Tapos coming back here, the system at NAIA was down so the check-in was done manually (buti na lang I checked-in online so I was with the business class line). We were delayed by 2-1/2 hours so I didn't make the connecting flight in Amsterdam which was the last one for the day. Almost everybody at that flight had to line up to get a booking for the next day's connecting flight. Fortunately although it was not KLM's fault, we were provided with a hotel to stay for the night. The next day I didn't check the flight on the board because the gate was already on the boarding card. After walking what seems to be an endless walkway, I sat at the ramp near the gate and waited for it to open. When I glanced at the board showing the destination, it showed London Heathrow. I had to decide whether to go back and check the flights on the board which might take me another 20 to 30 mins or check the destinations at each gate. I chose the latter. Imagine this, the gate on the boarding pass was D53 and I could see that the last one is D57. So, I moved backwards from D57 reading destinations as I walked passed them until D43 which was Birmingham.

It didn't end there. At Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, their x-ray is at the gate. I thought I was clever because I got infront of the cue. When I passed the x-ray, it beeped. So fine, I thought it will just be the usual search. Well!!! This lady searched me thoroughly that she even put her hand inside the front and back of my undies. Thank goodness she didn't touch THAT!!! Unbelievable! Mukha ba akong terrorist? After that when I gave my boarding pass to the lady at the gate, the beep was unusually loud which worried me a bit. She said, "Oh this seat is non-existent . The plane was changed so I'm giving you a new seat...phewww! I thought what's next??? Thank goodness the flight was fine. So, I'd been telling John everything that was happening to me on the phone, and he said that I got his travel jinx status. When we were going out of the parking lot, what do you know, the ticket got stuck inside the machine and the pole wouldn't go up. He had to call the attendant to let us out. What a trip!!!! ha ha ha."
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After a very loooooonnnnngggg rest, here I am with a vengeance!

I'd like to share this story of how Arnel Pineda, the new lead singer of the American band JOURNEY, paid us a short visit on December 29, 2008. There are pics and a video at the end of the story. Enjoy!!!

Last December 21, I sent Arnel a message saying,

"Hi Arnel! My husband and I will be in Quezon City after Christmas. I want to give your family some English chocolates as my way of saying Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. I know that you are all very busy, so I'm not asking to meet you or Cherry. I only need to know how and where I can drop the stuff. If I'm not asking too much, I also would like my Journey CD and the Fireworks magazine signed. I can always get them back later. We'll be there up to the 16th of January."

I didn't think he'll answer back. I kept checking my inbox for any message from him...nothing....until December 29. He gave me a telephone number to contact. You can just imagine my excitement! To make the long story short, I phoned the number and guess who answered?....his dad! He told me that he's the one living at AP's old house in Kamuning now. He was in good spirit actually when he gave me the telephone number at AP's new house in Philinvest, QC which is near Batasan. He said, "Huwag mong sasabihin na ako ang nagbigay ha? Pupunta sila ngayon dito eh." I replied, "Naku, baka ho magalit sa akin yun." Sagot naman niya, "Hindi basta tawagan mo." Okay din si Papang ano?

Ay sus, sobrang kaba ng dibdib ko ng sumagot si Cherry. Ang hinhin niyang magsalita, then he handed the phone to Arnel. Oh my, I couldn't believe my ears. I reminded him about my message and that I also have something for his foundation. He gave me a mobile phone number and asked me to text my address. Apparently, somebody will come and pick the package up. (I forgot to ask him when.) When I hung up the phone, I was in cloud nine. My sister kept asking me, "Si Arnel ba yung kausap mo? How do you know that was him?" While jumping up and down, I answered her "Yes, it was him!!!"

Anyway, I gave my other sister's address kasi laging may tao dun. (Our house is only 120 yards away, but we are away most of the time). I didn't know when the package will be picked up, you see. When my youngest sister and I got to the other house, they asked me what was in the bag. I said, "Pi-pick up-in ng friend ko." I didn't want to tell them that it's for Arnel Pineda for fear that they might laugh at me. So, sige....hintay ng konti. Then, I got a text message, "On our way na po kami, Justice". That was it!!! I couldn't hide my excitement anymore. I told everybody that Arnel might come because I got a text from his daughter. OMG, biglang nagkagulo sa bahay. Kanya-kanyang kuha ng camera (that's when I realized that I hadn't had one...ha ha).

The waiting seemed sooooo long. Then...I heard the sound of a car's engine (from the house, I could see what was coming from the street corner). By then the excitement had really built up and ready to explode. All of a sudden, I saw a black Hyundai van turning the corner and slowly moving infront of the house. I couldn't see who were inside because it was heavily tinted. However, I had a gut feeling that it was them, so I waved not knowing who I was waving at...ha ha. It continued moving slowly and at the next corner turned around and parked at the opposite side of the house. I was praying for him to be there. When the door of the van opened and out came Arnel, I was really flabbergasted. My jaw dropped with matching, "OMG!!!".

So I approached the van and it was a bit awkward because when he said Merry Christmas, I didn't know whether to hug or kiss him. Instead I just shook his hand which is safer. Of course, out came my sisters and nieces and nephews and they took over the situation. Hala, pose dito, pose doon. Me, I got pushed to the back. Ni wala akong solo with AP. Waaaahhhhhh! Ang lakas ng loob pa ng sister and sister-in-law ko. Nakakapit pa sila sa braso ni Arnel. Check our pics...lol. When he saw my dad (who's 84 yrs old) at the door, he commented, "Ay si Lolo" and waved to him then asked me, "Father mo?". When my nephew who was taking our pics approached him, AP asked me if he's my son.

Tapos naming ma-rape si AP (ha ha ha), he said goodbye. The sweetest part is he offered his face for me to kiss. Haaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!! When he opened the door of the van, he pointed to the teenage boy inside and said, "my son". I acknowledged him by saying "Matthew?" which he confirmed. Next he pointed to Justice who was sitting beside the driver.

You should have heard the screaming inside the house when they left. They couldn't believe that I was able to get Arnel to come. It was unbelievable!!!

Later, my brother-in-law told me that the neighbors came out and seemed like they also wanted to have their pics taken with AP. Medyo nahiya nga lang daw. Would you believe that I didn't even see them? My attention was all focused on Arnel...ha ha. Another neighbor who lives opposite my sister's house said that he was having a nap at the time or he would have participated. We were so proud that he came to our place even for a short while.

Here's the sad part. I forgot my four Journey albums and my Fireworks mag here in England......waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Sana maulit muli.

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26 January 2008 @ 09:45
Call titamilne from your phone!
26 January 2008 @ 08:47
Here's the building that I posted here in July 2007. Look at it now, 6 months later. For the completed picture of the entire construction, go to www.ballymore.co.uk. Check the one for Snowhill Birmingham.

This is one of the four buildings that will house the following:
55,500 sq. meters of office space in two buildings
332 residential apartments in 44-storey tower
restaurants, bars, and shops set around five new public open spaces
170-bedroom 5-star hotel
fitness complex and conferencing facilities

I'm not sure whether I should be happy because I'll be able to see people through the glass walls of this building, or sad because now I can't see the city-centre's landscape. I think it's too close for comfort.
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26 January 2008 @ 05:18
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19 January 2008 @ 19:51

I can't contain my excitement that's why I thought I'll do this post after a really long hybernation...ha ha ha.

We are going to. . . . listen to this. . . .ROME!!! Yes, on the 12th to the 15th of April, John and I will be with the Romans. This trip is the birthday gift of my husband to me. I wish it's April now.
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29 July 2007 @ 19:51
This entry is a bit late, however, I still want to post some photos taken at Rod Stewart's Concert last 10 July 2007 at Ricoh Arena in Coventry here in England.

Honestly, how can he maintain his physique the same as when he was still young? Come to think of it, he's in his 60's. I heard that he had undergone several plastic surgeries already. The magic of money eh??? he he he.

The close up pictures were taken by John's co-worker who got some complimentary tickets for seats right infront of the stage. The long shots were taken by my camera.

Here's a long shot of where John and I were sitting. Believe it or not, we paid more than £60 each for our seats.

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05 July 2007 @ 21:44
This is the view that I see everyday from my desk....an ongoing construction of another tall building in Birmingham City Centre.

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